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Raven Wild

The Peeping Tom Gets Scissor Snapped!

Raven Wild manages to outdo herself once again, giving 1000% of her energy to the point that he’s nearly in tears. There are 3 crazy knockouts (all REAL!) in this mind blowing peeping tom scenario. It all starts with Raven chatting with her girlfriend over the phone while scissoring her favorite watermelon pillow (something she’s being doing since she was younger). Suddenly, she notices a flash coming from the window behind her, which turns out to be a creeper snapping pictures of her. She bolts outside and drags his ass back in. He’s about to become her new squeeze toy. Full of rage, Raven completely destroys him between her incredibly strong thighs. Knockout after knockout, he is frazzled and terrified for his life. The first KO happens in a side headscissor where his entire body starts to convulse. The next KO happens in a reverse headscissor which has him paralyzed and snorting for some time. Raven knocks him out one last time in a rear naked choke that couldn’t be any tighter. As he wakes from his nap, she puts him right back into it. We’ve never seen him so scared. He is practically crying, wishing it was over…but it isn’t! She pulls him back into a reverse and calls 911, informing them that there’s an unresponsive intruder in her house and before he has a chance to react, she SNAPS his neck between her thighs! This could possibly be her best video yet!

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