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Bianca Blance

The Punishment Round

Check out this footage of a real session with Bianca, which has her opponent trying as hard as he can to protect himself from her lethal leg locks. He’s got quite the motivation because if he taps out, Bianca gets to do a punishment round, which is a full power headscissor. He does a great job at preventing her from pinning him, but in the end, Bianca always wins. She makes him tap out multiple times and follows it with the punishment round. We don’t know how this guy survived because she’s squeezing so hard, you can see her straining herself and clenching her teeth. If you’ve ever experienced Bianca’s scissors before, you’ll be wondering why this guy’s head hasn’t popped off. He obviously has high pain tolerance and very resilient, but Bianca was determined to knock this guy out and finally did so. This is a very exciting match with very high stakes that we know you’ll enjoy.

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