Bianca Blance

The Sensual Session

There’s so many exciting sides to Bianca. You’ve seen her competitive side in “Destroyer of Men”, her savage side in “Knockout Machine” and her wild side in her “Xenia Onatopp”. Now witness her sensual side in this extremely hot session that will blow your socks off. Bianca starts off nice and slow, easing him into her pythons as she demonstrates her power. As you can see, she gets very turned on when squeezing a man between her thighs. This can be very dangerous as it encourages her to squeeze harder and discourages her from letting go, even when he taps. That lingerie outfit really looks sexy on her and makes her ass look phenomenal. Speaking of which, he gets a great view of it as she rides his face. Her sexuality just explodes, but his journey is far from over. Bianca adds more pressure and more thrusts to her scissors which gets her even more excited. Finally, she shows him her true power by locking him in a tight reverse headscissor, then slapping her own ass repeatedly until he passes out. This is very satisfying for her. “Who is the boss” she says as she towers over him and strikes a victory pose. Bianca simply oozes dominance and sexuality. You’ll definitely want to book a session with her after watching this.

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