Ava Simone

The Sensual Therapist

Be careful what you wish for. Dr. Ava’s new patient confesses that he’s tired of dating submissive women and would love to experience a dominant one. Luckily (or perhaps unluckily) for him, this is one subject that Ava’s quite happy to help with. Using everything she has learned and practiced over the years including scissors, HOM, facesitting, and even knockouts, he’s about to get the full domination package. Clearly she’s much stronger, athletic and muscular than him, so he may get more than he bargained. While starting him off in a standing headscissor, she whips off her office attire, revealing a sexy fishnet bodysuit. Now it’s time to do some real therapeutic damage. She may be very brutal at times but shows a very sensual side as well. The patient is boomeranged from pain to pleasure, then back to pain. Her big thighs crush his neck like a twig, sending his hands flapping and tapping in fear. Before ending her session, she finishes him with a knockout that causes his entire body to spasm. Upon awakening, she smothers his face with her feet and checks to see if he survived his first session. The question is, will he brave enough to return for a second?

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