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Cheyenne Jewel

Therapist for the Sexist

Some men have problems taking orders from a woman and feel that they are superior to them. Well, Marc is about to find out that he’s completely wrong and that we’re living in a WOMAN’s world! He’s required to seek counseling after having issues with his female boss. His new therapist Cheyenne knows exactly how to deal with these male chauvinist types. After getting him to admit his problem, she engages him by wrapping her legs around his neck. That always gets their attention. Her silky shiny pantyhose feel soft but her strong muscular legs can pop his head off if he says the wrong thing. She takes off her skirt and this is when the real therapy begins. She forces him to admit who is the stronger sex and who is the weakest or she squeezes harder and HARDER! He tries to pry her legs apart but it’s hopeless. Cheyenne’s been scissoring men into compliance for years. In the end, she always gets them to see the truth and that women are superior to men. Dare you tell her otherwise!

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