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Ana Konda

Tied Up and Dominated

Since you guys loved Ana Konda’s first debut so much, we just had to get more of her on ScissorFoxes. This video has it all! Ana Konda ties him up, gags him with tape, then wraps those smooth athletic thighs around his neck and makes him squirm for his life. While she has him trapped and helpless, she notices him getting “rock hard” and starts rubbing. This is the perfect scissor fantasy, which involves pain and pleasure. She completely dominates him and even knocks him out with her reverse headscissors. Even with his wrists bound together, watch his arms flail wildly from being KOd. Her taunting and trash talk are so sexy and erotic. She really gets a rise out of him when she sits on his face and doesn’t let him breathe for long periods of time. It ends with Ana’s boyfriend still prisoner in her tight reverse and while she’s rubbing him, she orders him to “squirm”. This video is HOT, HOT, HOT, and we have more Ana Konda coming so stay tuned!

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