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Skylar Rene

Tinder Surprise

Skylar has a surprise for her last Tinder date, or should we say 2 BIG surprises! He’s about to get well acquainted with her right and left thigh. After finding out that he’s actually married, she locks him up in her leg jail and unleashes the ultimate punishment. If there’s anything Skylar hates, it’s a cheating husband so she shows absolutely no mercy for him. Not only does she try to flatten his neck into a pancake with her powerful scissors but she also takes embarrassing pictures of him with his head wedged between her thighs and smothered by her ass. It’s now in his best interest to pay her a monthly fee or she will happily share these photos with his wife, friends and family. He will now serve a lifetime of servitude and his new Goddess Skylar who now holds the key to his freedom. At any given time, she can ask him for anything including a good neck to scissor and he will have to obey. After taking his breath away with countless scissors and facesits, she decides to show him one last trick. She sticks him in her famous reverse headscissors and proceeds to knock him completely out. Watch as he shakes and makes strange noises as she slowly releases him after he’s out. This is one Tinder date that he’ll never forget.

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