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Guess who’s moving? We just love it when the models we train use their scissors in the real world to get what they want. Sporting a new look, Firestorm is even more fiery than ever and her legs keep getting stronger and more jacked with time. After wrapping her friend in cling wrap, she orders him to do all of her packing and moving. He laughs and refuses but that’s about to change real quick. Firestorm pulls him to the ground and sticks him between her man crushing thighs. We can’t stress enough how tight her scissors are. It’s like sticking your neck in a vice grip and she has total control of your air. Firestorm knows her power and continues to tack on more chores to his list. After getting tired of his reluctance to participate, she knocks him out with a side reverse that no man could survive. It’s just a matter of time before she breaks him and converts him from friend to slave. Just to seal the deal, she knocks him out once more. Firestorm loves having this power over men. She decides to leave him tied up for awhile, striking a victory pose then stepping over his stomach. Firestorm goes and enjoys her day while he reflects on his new life as her servant.

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