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Nikki Fierce

‘Twas The Knockout Before Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like waking up from a scissor knockout to the sound of jingling keys. The same keys that are holding your wrists and ankles locked together while Nikki Fierce, wearing a strappy thong bikini, has her way with you. Just like an Advent calendar, Nikki counts down the days’ til Christmas in a very creative way. Every day she disciplines her slave in different ways. Today is Scissor Tuesday… her favorite. Just check out the definition in her legs as she squeezes him. Her handstand scissor is also very impressive and extra tight, turning his face into a deep shade of red. Nikki’s reverse is a 100% knockout, guaranteed when she wants. She has the technique and the strength to make all your scissor dreams come true. She knocks him out while jingling the keys to his cuffs inches from his face (what a tease), holding a firm grip for a few seconds longer to make sure he’s really out. He wakes up totally confused from the jingle bells, but Nikki reassures him that it’s not Christmas yet, and she’ll be back tomorrow with another surprise. If you love LOTS of panic and REAL KNOCKOUTS, then you certainly need to add this to your Christmas list. Happy Holidays from all of us at Scissor Foxes!

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