Siren Thorn

Ultimate KO Beatdown 3

We’ve done it again! Our local slave took a heavy beatdown from Bianca last time, and he’s been anxiously waiting for another one. This time, we paired him up with Siren Thorn, whom, from personal experience, has some of the strongest scissors out there and has continued to get stronger throughout the years. We’ve never seen her really use punches and kicks before, but to no surprise, she was ferocious. For the first half, she used her purple boxing gloves, punching him in the face and in the gut, while kicking him, using butt drops and clasping his neck between her vise-like thighs. She then removes the gloves, and now all bets are off. She violently slaps in the face repeatedly, combined with more kicks and lastly 3 back-to-back scissor knockouts. The first is with a reverse headscissor. Even after he’s out, she keeps him trapped in her thighs, punches him in the gut then squeezes again. The next 2 are in a classic headscissors. You can even see his body twitch while he’s out. Siren stomps on his stomach, striking a victory pose. It’s safe to say this guy was put through the ringer and is ready for his next matchup. Who will it be?

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