Bianca Blance

Ultimate KO Beatdown!

ATTENTION!! This is the most extreme video we’ve ever featured on ScissorFoxes which left us completely shocked and speechless just watching it unfold from behind the camera. We couldn’t believe what we had just witnessed. We had a victim pay us to be in a video and wanted the most severe beating of his life with no safe word as long as he can wear a mask. The timing was perfect, as Bianca was in town, and she’s one of the most dangerous women we know. We’ve seen her in action before, but this was next level. Simply watch the free preview trailer, and you’ll get a glimpse of the massacre that unfolded. We’re amazed we didn’t get a noise complaint in that hotel. The kicks, punches and stomps are simply brutal and have him in tears. She even tears his shirt off at one point, and wraps it around his neck. Her knockouts are just ruthless, making his body convulse and drool actually flies out of his mouth. She knocks him out in the first 40 seconds with a classic headscissor and the aftermath is horrifying, and she’s only just begun. She knocks him out 5 more times, some of them back to back. One of them is in a front headscissor where his limbs twitch so much, he kicks the lighting tripod, sending it flying across the room. If that wasn’t enough, Bianca locks back on immediately and knocks him out again within seconds. Again, we couldn’t believe what was happening in front of our eyes and were worried about this guy. He didn’t know what he signed up for. We will never look at Bianca the same. She is the sweetest person, but we pity anyone who crosses her path. We can’t recommend this video enough. It’s definitely one of the best ones to come out of our website.

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Ultimate KO Beatdown! Preview Pic Ultimate KO Beatdown! Preview Pic Ultimate KO Beatdown! Preview Pic Ultimate KO Beatdown! Preview Pic

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