Orsi B.

Welcome To My Fantasy

Orsi B. is finally on ScissorFoxes and we can see why she is so popular. Dominance and trash talking comes so natural to her. You can tell she was born to wrestle and conquer men. Watch as she convinces her friend to play along in her fantasy as she shares a dream that she’s had about squeezing his neck between her thighs. Foolishly, he agrees to it but quickly regrets it as she is much stronger than he anticipated. Now that she’s got him, she’s not letting go until she’s fully satisfied. Her fantasy has finally become a reality and she’s enjoying every minute of it. Every time he begs her to stop, she just gets more aggressive and completely destroys him. As we mentioned before, her trash talking is perfection and makes this session all that more entertaining. She is living her dream but now he must dream to. Orsi locks on a reverse headscissor and puts him out! She is finally satisfied and strikes a victory pose over his limp body. Enjoy Orsi B.’s kick ass debut!

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