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Work Affair: Blackmail Scissor Pics

It’s been a while since you’ve all seen Jayde and even though she has been busy at work, she still finds time to work out her legs so that they are good and ready when she needs to crush someone. Speaking of work, when her boss asks her over to finish a project, she stumbles upon one of his pictures getting scissored by his wife. He is embarrassed, but Jayde is super intrigued. She even admits to being a wrestler in high school and how much she enjoyed it. She then challenges him to a wrestling match, which he was hesitant about at first, but he’s fantasized about this for a long time so he couldn’t resist. Jayde shoves him to the ground and wraps her big thighs around his neck in a standing headscissor. His head is hovering under her short skirt and her soft pantyhose are covering her thighs of steel. He couldn’t escape if his life depended on it. Shortly after, she rips off her skirt and shoves his head into a deep reverse headscissor, showing off her athletic booty. This may be more than he bargained for. To make matters worse, his wife calls and Jayde makes him answer. He begs her not to, but Jayde just squeezes harder until he does. With his voice altered by being scissored, his wife grows suspicious, but he manages to finally let her go. Jayde laughs then takes his phone, snapping humiliating pictures of him between her thighs. She then threatens to send them to his wife unless he gives her a raise. After finally giving into her demands, Jayde knocks him out. When he wakes up, she is back at the computer, ready to finish the project. With a cheeky look on her face, Jayde now knows who’s really in charge now.

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