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Hayley Fox

Work Wrestling Affair: After Hours

It’s been a while since we released a pantyhose video, but it will be worth the wait. Our new Fox Hayley looks absolutely HOT in them! After meeting up at her coworker’s house to finish up a project, he stumbles upon some of her wrestling pics on her computer and finds out that she has an after hours side job. Hayley, slightly embarrassed, starts laughing, but then turns an awkward situation into one she can benefit from. She tells him that she can kick his ass, hoping that he’ll take the bait. He enthusiastically accepts the challenge, and before he knows it, his hot coworker puts him in a schoolgirl pin, bragging about her strength. She then admits that she’s jealous of his last raise and thinks that she deserved it more. Hayley snaps pics and videos with her phone of his head in a vise, threatening to show his wife, boss and coworkers if he doesn’t share his raise with her. Just as a warning, she knocks him out with a reverse headscissor. Afterward, things get serious! Jay takes off his shirt as Hayley whips off her skirt. This time, she shows no mercy, making him panic frantically between her smooth silky thighs. The only way he’s getting out is if he agrees to her terms. He tries to give up repeatedly, but she ignores him, tightening her grip. He gets KO’d again in another reverse. We’re quite sure he’ll be obeying all her demands, or these after hour meetings may become more frequent.

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