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Big Red

Worship My Scissors 2

They don’t call her “BIG” RED for nothing. Standing at 5 feet and 9 inches and weighing in at 190 pounds, this girl has 17 inch biceps, 17.5 inch calves and a whopping 28 inch thighs! Can you imagine having your head or body crushed between those pillars of muscles? She could probably smoosh you like a tube of toothpaste. Watch as she makes her victim rub and worship her muscles while she holds him prisoner in her scissors. There’s nowhere he can go and if he doesn’t do a good job, Big Red puts the squeeze on. She often flexes her biceps and legs, showing off that incredible muscle definition. Now that’s what you call intimidating to the max. After dominating him with her scissors, she strikes mutliple victory poses as he continues to kiss and worship her muscles. Who would love to take his place?

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