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Muscle Queen

Worship My Scissors 7

Our latest Fox is an IFBB PRO female competitive bodybuilder who has been competing for 10 years. Muscle Queen trains all year round just so she can crush you between her 24-inch thighs and make you worship her incredible muscles. Right from the start, she humiliates Ed by comparing each other’s biceps. Muscle Queen is clearly the winner. She then demonstrates her leg power by sticking his head and other body parts between her legs and crushing them like melons, all while flexing her arms. He’s in shock by her strength and knows that he’s got zero chance of escaping. All he can do is endure his time in this locked position and enjoy the gun show. Unfortunately for him, Muscle Queen takes it up a notch and decides to bring knockouts into the game. First, she knocks him out with a reverse. She then makes him kiss and worship her thigh muscles, followed by one of the most brutal knockouts we’ve ever seen. She applies a sleeper hold so tight, it takes a while for her to notice that Ed’s been out for a total of 38 seconds. After taking a much needed break and shaking it off, Muscle Queen traps him in a front headscissor, once again flexing her biceps for him and putting him out one last time. She stands over his limp body and strikes a well deserved victory pose. Enjoy!

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