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Xenia Onatopp: Back for Revenge!

After the events in the Cuban jungle, Xenia Onatopp was presumed deceased. She received extensive surgery and enhancements which have made her famous leg squeeze even more lethal. Xenia is now back for revenge! This bone crushing, action packed never before seen sequel may be one of our most exciting videos yet. Once again, Damazonia nails the role and gets better every time. This resurrection is what Xenia deserves and her story has only just begun. Her first mission is to destroy the person who almost took her life; James Bond. She breaks into his suite, kicks him to the couch which sends him flying almost across the room. Her legs are twice as strong after her surgery and he will endure pain that he’s never felt before. She breaks his ribs numerous times between her upgraded thighs. More than half of this video is bodyscissors which Xenia fans will appreciate. There’s also plenty of headscissors which she uses to weaken his neck before the BIG finale. First, she knocks him out with a reverse headscissor, then locks him in a bodyscissor crushing every single one of his ribs. This long excruciating pain is only concluded by a swift neck snap which Xenia executes with her bare hands (includes a close-up slow motion instant replay). This is the return that you’ve all been waiting for. Xenia Onatopp is back and hungry for revenge!

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