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Sadie Rose

Xenia Onatopp: Bond Breaker!

Sadie Rose has returned as your beloved Xenia Onatopp and this time she’s determined to break Mr. Bond! Her long powerful legs are her weapons of choice and has trained them specifically to crush her enemies between them. More often than not, they don’t come out alive. It takes a certain skill to have complete control to break however many and whichever ribs she desires. Xenia also has an appetite for knockouts and knows exactly how to position one’s neck between her dangerous inner thighs to achieve them. Watch her knock him out 3 times using a triangle choke, then a reverse headscissor and then finally a front scissor. This puts him in a total state of weakness and confusion. The only thing he can do is beg: “XENIA, PLEASE!!” as she looks deep into his eyes and smiles. She mounts him and locks him up in a tight bodyscissor (just like in Goldeneye), unleashing her power and bending his ribs. “I’m gonna break your ribs” she says as she thrusts out her legs, instantaneously breaking all of his ribs at the same time! Xenia exits, leaving the broken agent grasping for dear life and completely breathless.

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