Xenia Onatopp: Double Crush

Back by popular demand, we bring you Xenia Onatopp starring the one and only Damazonia. You guys can’t get enough of her so we decided to take things up a notch. Get ready for it because this time she’s going to do something Xenia’s never done before. She’s disposed of many men over the years by breaking their ribs between her freakishly strong legs. Now witness her crush 2 men at the same time! That’s right. Using her long legs to wrap them both up, she breaks their ribs repeatedly before the final big blow which finishes them off. It’s quite an exciting scene and it all starts when Xenia barges into Trent’s hotel and seduces him. He suddenly realizes that her idea of a good time is much different than his own. She torments him with various headscissors and bodyscissors, making him squeal in pain as she moans erotically from intense pleasure. During her foreplay, she whips him around, crushing him and smothering him with her ass when suddenly they’re interrupted by another man. Xenia is more than happy to welcome him to the party because as they say, 2 is better than 1. She throws him next to his friend and gets them both between her thighs. Xenia warns them that they are both in big trouble with a big grin on her face. She then unleashes a series of rib breaking bodyscissors that has them screaming in agony. The noise comes to a sudden stop when Xenia delivers the final blow. She is now completely satisfied but for how long? Enjoy our latest Xenia Onatopp original and feel free to send in your ideas for next time.

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