Bianca Blance

Xenia Onatopp: Double Strike

It’s finally here! Many of you have been asking if Bianca would ever do a Xenia Onatopp video and she was more than happy to particpate as you can imagine. We sent her 2 clips from the movie (the admiral and sauna scenes) and asked her to work her magic. She decided to do both scenes with 2 different victims and the result is simply amazing! It’s not an exact reenactment but you can definitely see the inspiration she drew from. Bianca has always been passionate and aggressive so to become the famous Xenia Onatopp was very natural for her. We start with the admiral scene which is VERY hot and sexy. She pushes him down, strips off her clothing and starts making out with him while completely dominating him. He suddenly finds himself being crushed between her abnormally strong thighs. He can feel his ribs slowly cracking and then, Xenia gives him the final blow, finishing off the admiral with a bodyscissor. Next, wearing a sexy white robe, she enters the room where she finds Bond. Xenia pounces on him lika a cat, wrapping her long strong legs around his body, causing him excruciating pain. She then moves onto his neck where she thrusts it so hard, we were shocked that his head stayed attached. We’ve never seen such a brutal and violent scissor attack like this before. She shows him absolutely no mercy and the last view he sees is her magnificient ass right before Xenia does a double neck snap with her lethal reverse headscissors. It’s simply amazing and if you like this, just wait until you see what Bianca’s Xenia Onatopp has in store next.

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