Skylar Rene

Xenia Onatopp: Fatal Foreplay

After Skylar Rene’s first outing as Xenia Onatopp, crushing and finishing the admiral, everyone requested and patiently waited for her return. Well the wait is finally over and it was totally worth it. Skylar’s Xenia must now take on James Bond in the famous sauna scene where she gets slammed repeatedly against the walls while straddling his body between her big strong thighs. The fighting is very intense and somewhat sexual. It’s like foreplay to them. Even though Bond puts up a fight, Xenia always gets the best of him, trapping him in her bodyscissors and headscissors. At one point, he does manage to get her in a bodyscissor but Xenia quickly reverses it where they are both locked in each other’s grips but he’s no match for her strength. He quickly lets go and finds himself in a reverse bodyscissor, getting helplessly crushed while facing her amazing ass. Speaking of which, that ass does a really good job at smothering and humiliating the 00 agent. He gasps for air but Xenia is too busy enjoying herself and working up to her climax. She straddles him once more sitting on top of him just like in the movie, and finishes him off with multiple rib crackers. He screams in agony while she moans in total bliss. Bond takes his last breath as the beautiful Xenia Onatopp leaves the room completely satisfied.

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