Bianca Blance

Xenia Onatopp: Jungle Wild

The wait is finally over! After Bianca’s first Xenia Onatopp video “Double Strike” was released a couple of months ago, emails poured in requesting the Jungle scene and much more Xenia with her. We cannot express how much this video just kicks ass. Bianca went all out, embracing the wild side of Xenia Onatopp to deliver one of the most exciting, action-packed jungle scenes yet! Whether she’s in mid air with her thighs locked around his waist or burying his neck deep within her reverse headscissors, she completely annihilates Bond in every sense of the matter. Xenia is on a mission and that’s to finish Bond off once and for good. He gets attacked from every angle and doesn’t even know what hits him. Xenia punches him, kicks him, stomps his balls, smothers his face and tosses him around like her play toy. Taking charge is what she does best and she loves being in control. After cracking his ribs in a standing bodyscissor like in the scene from the movie, Xenia decides that she hasn’t had enough and decides to break his neck with her famous reverse headscissors. No man can survive them. Highly recommended!

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