Raven Wild

Xenia Onatopp Origin: The Hunt For 006

Before Alec Trevelyan (aka Agent 006) betrayed the MI6 and his close friend James Bond, he was a targeted by your very own Xenia Zirgavna Onatopp, a fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force gone rogue. She was determined and ready to do anything to get to him. Some say that she may be the one who persuaded Alec into heading the crime syndicate Janus. In order find to him, she had to ‘break” many men using her very unique skill. Her sexual desire to wrap her thighs around men and crush them until they couldn’t breathe was exactly what got her the job. It required someone who could distract men with her beauty and squeeze the information out by any means necessary. Here is some footage from one of her first targets in the hunt for 006. Sporting a full leather catsuit, she wraps and constricts a former MI6 informant until he can barely move or speak. She cracks his ribs multiple times with her bodyscissors, knocks him out twice (almost back to back) with her headscissors then after toying with him for several minutes, he can no longer handle her thighs. He tells her everything she needs to know but unfortunately for him, Xenia spins around and jams his neck into her ass and gives him one last good squeeze in a reverse headscissor, bringing him to the brink of hysteria before snapping his neck twice with those dangerous legs. Once again, Raven takes on the role of Xenia with lots of sexual excitement and a true urge to crush which is actually her true nature as well.

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Xenia Onatopp Origin: The Hunt For 006 Preview Pic Xenia Onatopp Origin: The Hunt For 006 Preview Pic Xenia Onatopp Origin: The Hunt For 006 Preview Pic Xenia Onatopp Origin: The Hunt For 006 Preview Pic

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