Xenia Onatopp: Squeeze Another Day

Our first ever Xenia Onatopp video was our biggest production to date and a huge hit. It featured all 3 scissor scenes from Goldeneye and starred the incredible Aiden, which delivered a brilliant performance. Well, after years of waiting, she’s back to Squeeze Another Day! Our favorite assassin Xenia has been tracking Bond for nearly a decade. She has been training her legs vigorously every day, waiting for the moment she would wrap her coils around him again. She manages to find him in a remote hotel in Canada and books a room next to his. In the middle of the night, Xenia barges in wearing a very sexy but dominant garment, and kicks him in the gut, sending him flying. She immediately locks on her famous rib crushing bodyscissors and begins recreating the fantasy she’s been dreaming about for years. Bond is shocked by how much stronger she is and is paralyzed by the pain. He is unable to defend himself and soon realizes that his fate is in her hands, or should we say legs. Xenia has also mastered a reverse figure-4 headscissor that locks your jaw shut, preventing you from breathing. It proves to be very effective. She then knocks him out with a reverse headscissor, but even after he goes out, she keeps a steady squeeze, pulsating her glutes around his neck and enjoys every second of it. She finishes him with the same bodyscissors from when they first met, in the sauna. She thrusts her legs around his body multiple times, breaking several ribs until he goes out from the excruciating pain. We are so excited to have this character back with Aiden and can’t wait for you to see it!

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